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<STYLE type=text/css>#divNewsCont {
CLIP: rect(0px 230px 105px 0px); HEIGHT: 80px; LEFT: 15px; OVERFLOW: hidden; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 50px; VISIBILITY: visible; WIDTH: 230px;
#divNewsText {
   LEFT: 0px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 0px
<script language="javascript1.2">
   var tp=0;
   function makeMove(){
   var tm=setTimeout("makeMove()",100);;
<body onload="makeMove()">
<DIV id=divNewsCont>
<DIV id=divNewsText><A href="">Avenues India </a><br> Your gateway to India and Indian Products.. <BR><BR><A href=""
target=_new>PARI WEB SERVICES™</A><BR>One-Stop shop for IT solutions..<br><br>

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Peeyush Nigam More than 3yrs of practical and job experience in IT Industry. Currently running own ASP center in city KANPUR - INDIA [url=""]PARI WEB SERVICES™[/url] U may [email="webmaste...


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