April Hadoop Meetup: Big Data Week Afternoon Special

Hadoop Users Group UK
Wed, 25 Apr 2012, 12:30 - 14:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , London, GB

For Big Data Week we've got an afternoon meetup with a wide range of talks from Hadoop users in the UK. We'll be starting the talks at 2pm through till 5:30pm then have the usual drinks and discussion afterwards. We're also lucky to have Doug Cutting coming along to the afternoon who will be taking part in the discussion panel at the end.


We are yet to confirm the venue but it will be somewhere easy to get to in central London.


An overview of the talks, click-through to find out more!



Please only RSVP if you can make it, places will be limited due to space at the venue!

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