Doc-To-Help evolves

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Doc-To-Help 2007 v1, the most recent instalment of ComponentOne’s yearly subscription release cycle, adds a new search engine for NetHelp that allows users to provide a search engine without complicated Java configuration or installation.

It features a new breadcrumb navigation feature in HTML-based outputs that appears at the top of each topic and shows the navigation patch from the top level topic, and a “Generate PDF” button which is installed in Word allowing users to customise a printed manual before creating PDF files.

These features give Doc-To-Help users a higher level of customisability, and make delivering effective Help systems and printed documentation to users easier.

Meanwhile the next generation of Doc-To-Help (code named Thunderbolt) was unveiled at the WritersUA conference. It will be the first authoring tool to implement a Microsoft Office 2007-style “look and feel” and to include “Ribbon-style” navigation elements. The new user interface also features a built-in XHTML-based editor, a topic grid for quick topic editing, a visual related topics editor, and drag-and drop link creation. The new version is planned for release during Summer 2007. To participate in the Doc-To-Help beta program, email

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