Aladdin HASP HL Drive

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Aladdin’s new HASP HL Drive is the latest addition to its HASP SRM protection key family which combines hardware- and software-based protection into a single key.

The HL Drive key gives software vendors the ability to deliver fully-licensed and protected software, thus reducing installation steps for end-users. It enables them to use partitioning software to provide mass storage for end-users, and its auto-run software setup capabilities allow end-users to run the protected application directly from the HASP HL Drive key.

The on-chip 128-bit AES encryption ensures a robust link between the application and the hardware key, while the secure communication channel between the HL Drive and the application offers powerful resistance to middle layer attacks.

Extending HASP’s LicenseOnChip technology, which supports multiple licensing methods, the new key offers remote, flexible updating capabilities using a Remote Update System (RUS), which sends encrypted and RSA digitally-signed license terms to users in the field.

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