custom collections

  • 10 years ago

    hi all,

    I have an issue I  don't know how to solve: I use a custom collection as datasource for a datagrid. here are my classes:

    class A

    { private _mB as CollectionB

    public property BProperty


        return new CollectionB

     End Get


    class B {...}

    class  CollectionB {Inherits CollectionBase....} - collection of B objects

    class CollectionA {Inherits CollectionBase....} - collection of A objects

    class CollectionA is the datasource for my grid. the problem is I don't see all the properties of the object A in my grid, including BProperty. How do I get to have a reference to the CollectionB object? Is it necessary for any of my classes to implement ICustomTypeDescriptor?


    Any help will be appreciated!




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