Excel visual basic ==> Overriding Java based application form

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  • 8 years ago
    Dear all!! The first thing in my post is not about Java, I am just writing this so maybe you can better understand the problem: I am currently using the getobject() function in a visual basic excel macro to "override" an application which uses a simple 80 x 24 screen. I am able to move the cursor to specific location, I am able to "press keys", and read out any output from that screen. So basically, I am able to do everything with an excel macro with that application. I was wondering that is it possible to do this with a Java based application. At the company which I work for I had very hard times with inputting thousands of records into a "form" manually form an excel table. The only access we have to the "database" is the input form we access through internet. Unfortunately, it is not likely that we get a direct access for that database with writing rights also (for example SQL), because it would cost lots of money, and the company is not in a very good shape:) It is no chance for us to get any help for automatization from the company which maintaining that software. If I was able to use an excel sheet as input data, and a visual basic as a tool for accessing that java based application's input form, I could automatize a process, and save weeks of time, and lots of money. I am wondering that is it possible to make a connection between excel macro and a java based application. Please let me know if you need any other info to answer this one, and I will try to be as specific as I can be, although I cannot name the application I am using because I am still working there:) Thank you for your kind help in advance, and sorry for my poor english:)

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