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[C++] Simple Multiplication Test - Involves with : files & strings & arrays & ...

About The Program

Language : C++
Compiler  : VC++6 - Win32 Console App

-> Using... :

Files    : for 'Class_List' file.
string  : for In/Outputs.
arrays : for Converting a number to its corresponding word.

-> The file 'Lettered_Numbers.cpp', is the main program, and 'Class_List_Manipulation.cpp' is a separate utility program, that manipulates the 'Class_List' file (Add, Delete, Modify, Display records) and prepares it to use with 'Lettered_Numbers' program.

NOTE : Before using the 'Lettered_Numbers' program, you should add some students to the 'Class_List' file, with 'Class_List_Manipulation.cpp' program, then copy the 'Class_List' file (in the Class_List_Manipulation's program folder) to the Lettered_Numbers's program folder.

-> I couldn't find a way to upload the files here, for downloading, if anyone know a way please tell me! Thanks.

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