Domain Driven Design Overview Course

London .NET Meetup Group
Mon, 1 Jun 2009, 08:00 - 10:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
SkillsMatter , London, GB
695.0 GBP

Effective software teams take a torrent of information and knowledge about their subject matter (the domain) and distill it into a stream of quality software. Finding and exploiting domain models is a key to success in projects with complex domains. In this 1-day Domain Driven Design workshop you will learn the basic principles and processes needed to develop the right kind of models, tie them into implementation and business analysis, and deal with some of the realities of multi-team projects.

This course will be taught at Skills Matter - London, UK on 01 Jun 2009 by Hans Dockter.

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* Understand the basic principles and processes needed to develop the right kind of models
* Tie them into implementation and business analysis
* Deal with some of the realities of multi-team projects.
* Connect to domain experts, developers and the code itself through the cultivation of a model based language
* Encourage the exploratory interaction of technical and business people in the modeling process
* Apply techniques for dealing with the diversity of models on large projects

Ubiquitous Language

* Domain-driven design overview
* Ubiquitous language exercise

Model Discovery

* Making implicit concepts explicit
* Modeling with domain experts
* Test-writing as a modeling process
* Supple Design: Creating software that invites change

Strategic Design

* Distillation: Distinguishing the core from the mass
* Ways of focusing effort
* Clarifying a shared vision
* Context Mapping: A pragmatic approach to dealing with diverse models and designs on real projects
* Relationships between subsystems/ relationships between teams
* Simulation exercise reinforcing multi-team/multi-subsystem modeling techniques

General Discussion

* Q & A
* Roundtable
* Review and wrap up

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