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  • peerblock

    Last release 8 years ago

    Blocks IP-addresses of corporations/governmental agencies.

  • jclouds

    Last release never

    anyweight cloudware for java

  • trellis-fork

    Last release never

    Fork of Trellis: "A simple 'untwisted' approach to event-driven programming"

  • sequel-pro

    Last release 6 years ago

    SQL database management for MacOS X

  • fb2pdf

    Last release never

    Converts FB2 ebooks to PDF format, especially suitable for Sony Reader

  • mb-unit

    Last release 6 years ago

    The Gallio test automation platform and MbUnit unit testing framework.

  • steamend

    Last release never

    Browser Game Architecture under AGPL 3

  • miranda

    Last release 5 years ago

    Miranda IM is an open-source multi-protocol instant messenger for Microsoft Windows.

  • away3d

    Last release never

    Realtime 3D engine for Flash

  • impala

    Last release 6 years ago

    Simple, dynamic modularity for Spring-based applications

  • android-smspopup

    Last release 7 years ago

    SMS Popup application for the Android mobile OS

  • nltk

    Last release 8 years ago

    Natural Language Toolkit Development

  • t-2

    Last release 9 years ago

    The WEB Connector -simple annotation based web framework for real developer-

  • google-web-toolkit

    Last release 5 years ago

    Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

  • mptvseries

    Last release 5 years ago

    MP-TVSeries: plug-in for organizing TV shows in MediaPortal

  • sepgsql

    Last release 8 years ago

    Security Enhanced PostgreSQL

  • v8cgi

    Last release 6 years ago

    CGI wrapper around V8 Javascript engine

  • typecho

    Last release 8 years ago

    Typecho Blog Platform

  • lokad-sdk

    Last release never

    Forecasting SDK for building .NET apps on top of the Lokad web services.

  • autosettings

    Last release 9 years ago

    Home of Timeriffic (automatically updates setting for Android), Flashlight for Cupcake

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