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    I hope somebody can answer this question although I think it may be OS/hardware specific.

    I have written two VBA programs in Excel for my school. One is a complete report writing system, the other is a basic pupil information program.

    They are dramatically different in size - One saves as a (typically) a 1.7meg file and the pupil info at just under 1 meg.

    They were written in Office 2000. Having completed the programming, I have dished them out to our staff laptops - most of which run Windows XP Home edition - some have Win Me.

    Here is the problem:

    The program runs instantly on my computer. I have NEVER had any trouble. On a proportion of the laptops it also runs with no problem. However on, say, ten to eleven it takes FOREVER to just load the first menu or a list box with a list of pupils names. It also has virtual memory problems which Win XP Home tries to fix.


    I have made all of the laptops identical to mine. I have taken away GFX card memory, taking the system memory up to 120mb (8mb to the GFX - identical to mylaptop). In windows XP I have removed system restore, indexing services, msn messenger, auto-updates, desktop sharing and I have increased the page file from 146mb (variable) to 512mb (fixed). I have then defragmented the harddrive. I have repeated this on all the laptops and they are practically identical now seeing as very few of our staff know how to do anything more with a laptop.

    And yet...

    Still on some it takes ages to load up. Some teachers reckon it gets quicker each time???
    Has anyone else come across this problem. In the pupil information I have used seven forms which is nothing compared to the reporting system which uses nearer 25. I think I may do my programming a little different. All my code is contained within the form itself as opposed to the worksheets?

    The one last thing that has just occured to me is that I do not have the Office Assistant installed on my laptop. Has anyone had any problems with clip-it or the others..??

    I would really appreciate some help on this as I really do not want to have to remove all my very hard work.

    Thank you.

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