COM+ automated registration of DLL's

  • 17 years ago


    I have found some code from microsoft which installs a new componet to a COM+ application:

      '  Open a session with the catalog.
       '  Instantiate a COMAdminCatalog object.
       Dim objCatalog As COMAdminCatalog
       Set objCatalog = CreateObject("COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalog")

       '  Create a new COM+ application.
       '  First get the "Applications" collection from the catalog.
       Dim objApplicationsColl As COMAdminCatalogCollection
       Set objApplicationsColl = objCatalog.GetCollection("Applications")

       '  Add a new item to this collection.
       Dim objZooApp As COMAdminCatalogObject
       Set objZooApp = objApplicationsColl.Add

       '  The "Applications" collection determines the available properties.
       '  Set the "Name" property of the new application item.
       objZooApp.Value("Name") = "MyHomeZoo"

       '  Set the "Description" property of the new application item.
       objZooApp.Value("Description") = "My pets at home"

       '  Save changes made to the "Applications" collection.

       '  Install components into the application.
       '  Use the InstallComponent method on COMAdminCatalog.
       '  In this case, the last two parameters are passed as empty strings.

    However the InstallComponent will not work just comes up with a com+ internal error:

    The exact code I used was:
    objCatalog.InstallComponent "MyHomeZoo","c:\TestDll.dll","",""

    Has anyone got any ideas on this?



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