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vba Pakistan
  • 17 years ago

    In my opinion who ever can do this is the greatest excel and vba programmer. ( but it may not be possible at all)

    Now iam looking for such a VBA code for excel which can create serial
    communication via computer . only from sending data.
    how i can create this.
    Like i want to send the following data to my microcontroller 8051:-
    in cell of excel i do input as :-

    HOURS DIGIT 1 input( numerical value)

    HOURS DIGIT 2 input ( numerical value)

    MINUTE DIGIT 1 input( numerical value)

    MINUTE DIGIT 2 input ( numerical value)

    actually the above data is sent to my circuit which runs a digital clock using micrcontroller 8051 and in order to reset or set the clock according to actual time i want to use serial communication and that i want to do using excel i know this sound stupid but i want to do it using excel. I know it can be done using C langauge.
    But please tell the way or vba code for this.

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