Adding Object >> Shutdown

  • 13 years ago

    I download an ocx from somewhere on the net and when I try to add the object into my application, the VB6 is shutdown (a fatal error happen).

    Why this happen?.

    on detail:
    When I entered to, and downloaded the activex component as they say, the web page seems fine and download 2 activeX, one of them is Semagent.exe the other is quixel.ocx, as a dll can be added the reference to Semagent and create an agent (like MSAgent a little bit less powerfull and IMHO death by now), but the properties are just a few, in the quixel.ocx is quixelplus object but when I try to add just clicking on the component picture and in the form, the VB6 editor is shutdown, also if I add with createobject (the same result).

    The site looks death, and no documentation is whatsoever.

    What could I be missing?.

  • 13 years ago

    all i can say is, because you are using microsoft product, just use microsoft products... (i am not wishing for a Microsoft's Loyalty award)...

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