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  • 14 years ago

    i have created an application.

    if i don't create setup procedure for app, is there a way to check in the application load or start up rutine is there or not .net framework installed on that machine?
    so... if framework is installed app starts normaly, if not setup of .net framework is started (instalation of framework is copyed with applicatio)

    I know if I try to run application on machine that does not have installed .net framework that application will crash with error msg. "application failed to initialize"

  • 14 years ago
    If the .NET Framework is not installed then a .NET app can't do ANYTHING, including check for the presence of the .NET Framework.
  • 14 years ago
    thx jmcilhinney.
    I tought so, but i was not shure...

    this i can bypass by creating a small application in VB6 which will check the presence of the .net framework and install if it is not installed, if it is everything installed .net application is run.

    is there something that i can use for checking of presence of .net framework?
  • 14 years ago
    Why don't you just create a setup and include the .NET Framework with it?  It's not difficult, but you do need to install the VS Bootstrapper plug-in, which you can download from Microsoft.  You can still provide just the MSI file for those who already have the Framework installed or the whole setup package for those who don't.
  • 14 years ago

    that is what I'm trying to bypass...

    this program is just a part of the application.

    and this program is suppose to be burned to the CD with other data, and that data is opened with that little program.

    and from that cd little program can be run and with him you search data.

    i have found file "mscormmc.dll" by  which i think i can check if framework is installed or not..
    it's in C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 and

  • 14 years ago

    i have decided to create small VB6 application which will only check if .net framework exists. it will start setup file for .net framework if it is not installed otherwise it will start .net application.

    i'll check this by searching for any file that  visual studio .net uses as reference file (namespace, ex. "system.dll").
    if .net framework is installed these files exists.

    vb6 application will not be visible.

    thx  jmcil

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