Finding out if foreground window is running fullscreen

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  • 14 years ago


    I'm working on a application that will deliver messages to me while i'm using fullscreen applications, mostly games. It will show a small overlay window with whatever info it should show. (If you ever testet the gaming program Xfire, wich is has a chat feature that does something like this but only for its own chat.)
    I've tried to find something to read, and found out that p/invoke calls are the way to go.
    but i just cant figure out how i can find out if the foreground window is running in fullscreen.

    private static extern IntPtr GetForegroundWindow();

    GetForegroundWindow(); gives me an int pointer wich i can loop trough Process.GetProcesses() and find wich process the foreground window belongs to. But there is little information to help me in a Process object.

    I could just match the proccess name against a list of known fullscreen aplications, but i dont want to do that, think it's a too cheap solution, i want it to work without having to register every application you want it to work with.

    So if anyone have an idea of where i should look or some tip i would be thankful.

  • 14 years ago

    Well, i found something that looked usefull when i searched msdn and some more, so the first problem is solved.

    private static extern bool IsZoomed(IntPtr hWnd);

    this method will find out if  window of intptr is maximized, and i hope a fullscreen is registred as maximized when running.
    in this case wich i should find with GetForegroundWindow();

    no more.

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