How to access a MySQL database with .NET

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  • 14 years ago
    Very goog article!

    Now... I am trying to use the MaxDB version of that database, since it supports stored procedures.

    I have been able to connect and to execute SQL command, but when trying to use a SP it happens an error.


    odbcComm.CommandText = "call playercount";

    ERROR [42000] [MySQL MaxDB][SQLOD32 DLL][MaxDB] Syntax error or access violation;-3005 POS(1) Invalid SQL statement ERROR [42000] [MySQL MaxDB][SQLOD32 DLL][MaxDB] Syntax error or access violation;-3005 POS(1) Invalid SQL statement

    Have you some experience with this version?

    Best Regards!

    Sergio Cossa
  • 14 years ago
    Dear SergioCossa

    I am new to the MaxDB database and trying to connect from my asp.Net application and Don't have any Idea for the same....Can you just guide me to get a start. And I searched complete web for a solution but could not get a solution - I would like to know whether u r using provider or DSN for establishing connection...If so how and just show by code to have the same...


  • 14 years ago

    Could you please just guide me to write the connection string for and MaxDB. I have installed MaxDb 7.5 and its ODBC 7.5 and SQL Studio.. But Have no Idea of how to connect to the database from

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  • 14 years ago

    Can u just tell how do u connect to MaxDB using the languages that u r using...Moreover if you come accross, give some links that highlight on the connectivity of and MaxDB.

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  • 11 years ago

    maybe this is the wrong place for this specific question, but how do you walk through the data? In Visual Basic 6, using databases was easy. Create a record set, then;   recordsetName!FieldName

    I can't find any easy way to do this in C#. Any ideas?

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