You are interested what is other sites web traffic? Try this !

  • 14 years ago

    Hi, I am here to present You and invite You to try and use new, ABSOLUTLEY FREE service for

    traffic predicting. What that means? We are in BETA 1 phase of developing

    WebRanker , service that will try to mesure traffic of

    any site on the web. We are developing WebRanker more than one year and until now algorithm

    that we made because enough precise so we decided to go online for everybody. All You need to do to

    find out some site traffic is to go to

    , enter (full URL) site name and WebRanker will create

    DAILY and MONTHLY web traffic report, with some other useful data for You. Also in next 2

    weeks, same technology will be available for WAP (accesing from Your mobile.) Everybody of You, like

    we are, thinks probably few times daily how muc,some site, have traffic. Purpose of this is known

    (buying/selling/advertising, etc...) Now You have a chance to find out some traffic info. Of course

    in this, BETA 1 phase we need a lot of Your feedback for results that You are getting, because

    we are in phases of algorithm 'polishing'. will give You pretty close data about some

    site web traffic, but also, sometime it will miss. Because of that, to have minimal percent of bed

    predictions we need Your feedback as much as it is possible, to make webRanker better and better in

    next phases. So, please visit ,and make WEB REPORT for sites that You are

    interested, it is useful, FREE, and can give You some valuable information for Your business.

    WebRanker team

  • 14 years ago improved alghoritm in past month, so now it is more precise than ever. Feel free to came, make as You want traffic reports, and of course don't forget to leave some feedback :) --->webRanker

    Alos, in next 10 days we will finaly finish WAP version of and start it in test mode ( but when that happends we will inform You.

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