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  • 12 years ago

    Hi, I have a Freecom 160 GB hard drive that I have been using
    for a few months.

    A few days ago, when I tried to access the hard drive, Windows Explorer gave me the following message: "F:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is
    corrupt and unreadable." I've tried fixing it with chkdsk but it doesn't help.

    Are there any other solutions except formating?


    Thanks in advance.




  • 12 years ago

    Hi programmer

    Try this way: Chkdsk /f /r F:

    When Chkdsk detects problems with the file system and attempts to repair the damage, data loss can occur

    If this does'nt work FORMATTING is the last resort



  • 12 years ago

    Thanks DoctorMahdi.

    I'll give it a try.




  • 12 years ago

    have you tried it on another computer?

  • 12 years ago

    Hi paulfp.


    Yes I have tried it on another computer. It didn't work.

    Anyway, when I tried what DoctorMahdi suggested(chkdsk /p /r f:), it gave me the following message: "The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems."


    Do I have to format it?






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