How can i add data with in a datagrid ? Uzbekistan
  • 14 years ago

    i am a new programmer and hoping to learn with C# (both are new to me).

    i want to be able to add ,update and delete data in the datagrid.what i want to do is within the datagrid (like have a text box within a grid and be able to perform all the actions from there)

    so far i have i am able to retrive data in a datagrid......and kind of got stuck there???

    Hoping for help

    :-) thanks

  • 14 years ago


    how can i add, update and delete record within a datagrid....using C# and

    All i can do now is post data on the datagrid ....i am a new programmer.

    please help

  • 14 years ago
  • 14 years ago

    Thanks a lot your code really helped.It was of great help.


    function PopWin(theID)


    var Loc = '';

    Loc= document.Form1.ddlLocaiton.options[document.Form1.ddlLocaiton.selectedIndex].value;

    var div = '';

    div= document.Form1.ddlDivision.options[document.Form1.ddlDivision.selectedIndex].value;

    var nW ="", "popup", "resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,top=100,width=480,left=100,height=500");

    nW.location.href = "../Shared/EditAddInventory.aspx?Division=" + div + "&Location=" + Loc + "&InvenID=" + theID + "&AssignID=" + document.Form1.ddlUser.options[document.Form1.ddlUser.selectedIndex].value;

    nW = null;


    function ReturnToSender()






  • 14 years ago
  • 14 years ago

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