VBA to open spreadsheet (name dynamic through var call), extract and process data

  • 13 years ago


    I am trying to get some VBA code working, but am preplex as to why it does not work. I would really appreciate any level of help.

    Many thanks,


    Version of the program
    Microsoft Excel 2003 Professional / Microsoft Visual Basic 6.3 version 9969 (VBA Retail 6.4.8869 / Forms3: 11.0.5601)


    There are a list of spreadsheet filepaths on worksheet AUTD, workbook TL7.xls. The code below should start at the top of this range and work its way through, opening a spreadsheet (name stored in variable 'AuthSheetName'), activate the 'AUT' worksheet, and extracting the last line of data on that worksheet (before any whitespace). The data includes two date fields, and two text fields.

    Next, the background spreadsheet 'TL7.xls' should become activate, and the extrated data from the AUT worksheet from the background spreadsheet should be written onto the next available line (specified through a value, 'NextEntry') on the AUTD worksheet, workbook TL7.xls.

    Once this is complete the background spreadsheet from which the data was originally extracted should close, and the next spreadsheet within the given range should open.

    This process should go on until the conditions specified in the code below are met.


    Sub StoreAuthData1()

        Dim NextEntry As Integer

        //1. AuthSheetName is a dynamic spreadsheet name. The value is retrieved and used to open a given spreadsheet.
        Dim AuthSheetName As String
        Dim AUTROW, Col As Integer
        Dim ThisRow As Long

        //2. dont show spreadsheet processing
        Application.ScreenUpdating = False
        ThisRow = 13
        //3. set condition

        Do While ThisRow < 350

        //4. Cells(ThisRow, 1).value refers to the value of cell "Row"/Column A, which trimmed spreadsheet names are held in
        AuthSheetName = Worksheets("AUTL").Cells(ThisRow, 1).Value

        //5. keep going until blank is found
        If IsNull(AuthSheetName) Or Len(AuthSheetName) <= 0 Then Exit Do

        //6. where to get the AuthSheetName data from            
            Workbooks.Open AuthSheetName
            AUTROW = Worksheets("AUT").Cells(1, "E").Value - 1

           //7. NextEntry is a dynamic value on AUTL worksheet that finds next blank line to put data from AUT data in on the AUTD worksheet. This is done through a cell formula on the AUTL worksheet =COUNTA(AUTD!B1:B3722)+1

            NextEntry = Workbooks("TL7.xls").Worksheets("AUTL").Cells(1, "I").Value

               //8. put the AUT data in AUTL worksheet 
                  For Col = 1 To 3
                    Workbooks("TL7.xls").Worksheets("AUTD").Cells(NextEntry, Col + 1).Value = _
                    Worksheets("AUT").Cells(AUTROW, Col).Value
                Next Col
            Workbooks("TL7.xls").Worksheets("AUTD").Cells(NextEntry, "A").Value = _
            Workbooks("TL7.xls").Worksheets("AUTL").Cells(programmerCount + 13, 4).Value  //9. programmerCount declared globally.

            //10. increment
               ThisRow = ThisRow + 1
        MsgBox "Authorisation complete.", vbInformation
      End Sub



    The code below is a function that trims the full filepath a given spreadsheet. The result of "Z:\Shortcuts1\System\Trial\TSAB.xls" would be "TSAB.xls". Refers to comment 4, above.

    Function FunctionGetFileName(FullPath As String)

    Dim StrFind As String
        Do Until Left(StrFind, 1) = "\"
            iCount = iCount + 1
            StrFind = Right(FullPath, iCount)
                If iCount = Len(FullPath) Then Exit Do
        FunctionGetFileName = Right(StrFind, Len(StrFind) - 1)
    End Function



    Expected output

    Should write the data to the AUTD worksheet.


    Error messages

    Run-time error '1004':
    'TSTAB.xls' could not be found. Check the spelling of the file name, and verify that the file location is correct.

    The process is stopping when it tries to open the spreadsheet name assigned by the variable and thus is not extracting or writing any data.

    The code was working before, however VBA gave an unexpected error and shut down. I had saved the code and tried again and this is the error I get now.

    Other information

    I have tried removing the variable call in the Workbook open line and replacing with both the trimmed filename and the full filepath. Both do not work.

    Note - the file TSAB.xls is in the given directory. It has not been moved even though it is giving the error that it is not in that location.


    As a side, Im working on adding extra functionality to the above eventually. In brief, it will need to check a week ending value in the spreadsheets it is opening and closing, and validate this against a week ending date on the AUTD worksheet / TL7.xls spreadsheet. There is also a requirement to add an 'X' to cells to the right of the spreadsheet filepaths on the AUTD worksheet, for each week ending, when the above process has been completed for each spreadsheet, to show the process has been completed - in essence a checklist, of sorts..

    I am currently working on this functionality, I am making slow progress between the hours of my job. If any of you are feeling extra kind and generous, I would appreciate any rough ideas for how I should approach this. :D


    Many thanks for your time.

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