how to store data if no SQLServer instance is avaiable ?!

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  • 10 years ago
    i made an application that connects to an SQLServer to receive and store data.
    but now this app has to work without connection to the LAN too, like if you are at a customer with your laptop.
    you still have to be able to store data and later on at the LAN write it to the actual SQLServer DB.
    So the question is whats best to use if i cant be sure that access or sql is installed on the client machine.
    is assumed just writing the stuff into and excel sheet, cause excel is installed on every machine, but using that method i'd have to rewrite all my SQLqueries into excel stuff, like programming the hole app twice :(
    but cant i handle and access database file without MSAccess actually being installed on the client machine? i read about the MSAccess-runtime version, but to do that i need to have the office developer tools stuff !? and with that, how big is this runtime version ? i dont want ppl to have to install a x-hundred MB big runtime environmet for me less than 1mb application :)

    so if any1 knows about how to store data on the local machine with the same sql-queries, just without having an running instance of sql-server, thanx alot ! :)

    thx in advance for every suggestion...

  • 10 years ago

    Have you considered SQL Server Compact edition? You might find it to be a workable solution.


  • 10 years ago
    or, if you don't need things like stored procedures,
  • 10 years ago
    The Simple Solution for your Problem is Write the Data or Content into an Xml file when the LAN is not connected and update the DataBase as and when the Connection is established. Sql Server supports XML.

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