hey can i have help from u here ASAP?

  • 13 years ago

    Good day to you my fellow member ,

     hope that u are not closing your ideas to help me again here, hope u can help me on, but not limited to the ff:

    1. i already undergone 'packaged and deployment' my VB program, but seems like, it wont run if i dont include the database..so i just hide my dtabase in my setUp folder which is so unsafe to me yet prone to crackers,but this is just temporary at this time, so pls help me to implement the software finally..what woud be the right way for packaged and deployment process..isn't it we have to choose first the Project name of ur program? then continue as what the instructions say?!!!

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    2. i've also Info. sys. in VB program..but i never put deletion to any forms cause i want all the records from all over the years to be viewed,,problem is
     a.   what actually be the size limit for an MS-acces for my dbase?
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     b.   how wud i know that it is going to be full of full already?
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     c.   how cud i upgrade easily memory size for my dbase?
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    3.   i want to make receipt(s) based on the data from the forms.
     a.   How/where cud i make first the design/layout for it?can i make the design in Data       report?

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     b.   the data for receipts is taken from the form, so how cud  make the data transfer to   their  respective receipt and make them align or placed accuratel on their field, for    later  printing.....ex. the total amount must be directly/accurately placed on the Total   amount  label on the receipt?
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    4. i want to make data to be remembered always (if they are alread stored at dtabase)evrytime i input in my textbox or combobox, for a faster transactions.
     a.   can i have code for this in VB 6.0?
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     b.   is the code relying on the control being used?so whats the code for txtbox and for combo, etc?.....
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    thank you in advance m friend, hope to have these As earlier as possible....







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