problem in reading a CSV file

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  • 13 years ago

    Hi alll,

     I have a problem in reading a csv file. My probelm is when i read a comma seperated text file  into a csv file,

    i got exta columns as there are commas between text. for example my text file is like this..........


    k.w.p. philipines,, new jersey, Rosy

    Samsung co,ltd, japan, rekhamithal


    when i read this file, comma betweem philipines, is divided into two columns which has to be in one column.Pls help me.......i need it urgently


  • 13 years ago

    Well that's just not a proper CSV file then.  How are you supposed to magically work out which commas are between field values and which are within if there's nothing to differentiate them?  You can't, so that's not a valid CSV file.

    If field values in a CSV file do, or may, contain commas themselves then the proper way to write the file is to enclose every field value in double-quotes.  Now you know that any comma within a pair of double-quotes is part of a field value, while any outside are delimiters.  Any double-quotes within field values get escaped with another double-quote.  Now you can read the entire file and never have any doubt what belongs to what field.  As your file is that is impossible.  The best you could do is guess, which is worse than nothing at all. 

  • 13 years ago

    If you are not in control of the source file, you have a couple of choices.

    a) Complain to the person who generated it and get them to fix it as described above.

    "Field, the first","Second","Third"

    b) If there are always supposed to be 3 fields, and the spurious commas only show up in the first field:

    Read the line in.

    Use Split to split the input into fields, with a comma delimiter

    If there are 4 fields in the result,

    field 1 = inputfield1 & inputfield2

    Field2 = inputfield3

    Field3 = inputfield4

    otherwise, 1=1, 2=2, and 3 = 3 as you would expect.

    If commas can show up anywhere, there really is no hope for this file.



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