Complex query to updating table, Help!!!!!

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  • 11 years ago

    Table A
    ID    C2    C3    status
    1     20   21    AA
    2     30   30    AA
    3     31   31    BB

    Table B
    ID    C2    C3    Status
    1     20    21    Wa
    2     21    21    AB
    3     30    30    CC

    I have this case:
    So here is the case,

     I want to update tableB Colom Status with condition like this:

    search colom status in table A that equal to AA, compare col C1

    and C2 in table A with colom col1 and col2 in table B.
    example C1,C2 = 22,21 and there is a match in the first row in table
    If match, change status colom in table B with 'D'

    The problem is, i want to update the table by only using a single query, there will be no store procedure

     This is not a wrong table that i made up by my self, this is true. and some more is working at the banking database




  • 11 years ago
    UPDATE Test2 SET Cat_up='test4' WHERE test2.Cat_a IN (SELECT Cat_a FROM Test1 WHERE Cat_state='sel'AND Cat_b=Test2.cat_b) AND Cat_b IN (SELECT Cat_b FROM Test1 WHERE Cat_state='sel' AND Cat_a=Test2.cat_a)

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