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  • 12 years ago

     Can any one help me with this. im developing a voting program in and i have a problem with the combobox.
    my database structure is this:


    elec_id(foreign key)

    Position_id(foreign key)

    i had create a module for creating election. firts form would ask for the name of election then 2nd form for the position and 3rd are for the candidates.

    the combobox is fill with the election_name from table1 and when i selected an item from the combobox i want get the other data from the other tables and put the candidate on radiobuttons so that user can vote from them.

    example is election_name is "election2008" then all positions,candidates from election2008 would be fetch from the database.

    Hope someone could help me.

  • 12 years ago

    Using just lowest level of sql (commands) should be shortest way in this case. Check out this page for primitives of sql commands. For generating radios make some groupbox or panel, and after storing New RadioButton objects in some array also addRange this array to this EgPanel1.Controls collection dynamically. As understanded, i guess, I suggest Reader = ExecuteQuery(Select) solution for filling up values related to changed value.

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