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  • May Meetup - Mobile Mono

    Wed, 23 May 2012, 18:30 - 21:00 in Dublin, Ireland

    Our next meetup is on next Wednesday 23rd May where Jeremie Laval will be talking to us about Mono for Mobile devices.He's going to discuss their platform for iOS and Android devices - MonoTouch and Mono for AndroidThe event is on in the usual spot - the Central Hotel on Exchequer St - on Wednesday 23rd May at 6.30.The event is free as always thanks to our sponsors Beam, but don't forget to register if you plan on attending so we have an idea of the numbers.

  • February Meetup

    21 Feb-21 Mar 2012 in Dublin, Ireland

    For our February meetup, David Walker will be taking us on a tour of RavenDB. He’ll cover the basics of RavenDB, what it is, and how you get started with it, and then quickly move on to discuss how it compares to using SQL and an ORM and some of the implications for how you model and implement you solutions to best make use of it’s strengths.It’s on in the usual spot – the Central Hotel on Exchequer St – on Tuesday 21st Feb at 6.30

  • January Meetup - Calling All Phone Developers

    Wed, 18 Jan 2012, 18:30 - 21:00 in Dublin, Ireland

    We’ve had to change our scheduled January talk on mobile development by James Hughes, as James’s wife is going into labour shortly! We wish them all the best. Hopefully we can reschedule his talk for some time later in the year, as we know there was a lot of interest.In it’s place, we’re going to be discussing Semantic Versioning and Dependency Management. Same time, same place i.e. January 18th, 6.30 in the Central HotelMore details on the Dublin Alt.Net blog.

  • November Meetup

    23 Nov-4 Dec 2011 in Dublin, Ireland

    Many websites claim to be RESTful when they use a pretty URL structure. ASP.NET MVC makes it very easy to set up a website with pretty URLs and return web pages or JSON. But REST is more than simply keeping your site structure clean and returning JSON. This session will go through some simple changes that makes it possible for a an ASP.NET MVC site to make it observe RESTful principles making it accessible both as web site and a web service.

  • October Meetup

    Wed, 12 Oct 2011, 19:00 - 21:00 in Dublin, Ireland

    On Wednesday the 12th of October we are meeting up at 7pm in the Central HotelFor October we are trying a slightly different approach *Vim the basics, plus a little more..   By Cormac McGuireLast year a programmer friend of mine told me she was using vim to do all her development. Icouldn't understand why anyone would do that to themselves. Surely black screens for coding were for the 80s. Then I learned how to use it.

  • July Meetup

    Wed, 20 Jul 2011, 19:00 - 21:00 in Dublin, Ireland

    Our next meetup will be on 20th July at the Central Hotel on Exchequer St where we'll be discussing some of the pain points around dependency management, and how NuGet and a little ILMerge can help out.Some topics we'll be covering:NuGet basicsCreating your own NuGet packagesSetting up your own NuGet package sourceCI integrationSemantic Versioning and how NuGet can facilitateLimiting diamond dependency problems with ILMerge


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