Excel rows removal, if not bewteen two given dates.

excel , vb , dup Bombay, India
  • 6 years ago

    Hi, i have a excel file named user_data.xls, in this I have a column which holds Date and time in *10/8/08 5:20:29 PM GMT * format. Now I want to keep the data between two specific dates and remove remaining all rows from excel, how can i do it through a script.

    Below is the script I came up to, could someone please help on how can i proceed from here onwards...

    Dim dStartDate As Date Dim dEndDate As Date 'Collect Start & End Dates dStartDate = 10/1/11 5:20:29 PM GMT dEndDate = 10/30/11 5:20:29 PM GMT 'Find Dates Between Start Date & End Date Sheet1.Activate 'Assume column C contains the dates Application.Range("C1").Select 'Look at every row in column C until it finds an empty cell. Do Until ActiveCell.Value = vbNullString 'Verify that the date is between the Start Date & End Date If ActiveCell.Value > dStartDate And ActiveCell.Value < dEndDate Then

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