how to update record in database??

  • 13 years ago

    I have a problem with updating the record into database, can someone help me??
    following is the code that i used to add new record into database (this code i get it from internet)
    but, i dont know how to update the record.please help.

           Dim i As Integer
           Dim Cname, ReservationNo, CarNo, LotNo, CID As String
           Dim rw As DataRow
           'Dim ReservationDate As Date

           ReservationNo = InputBox("Enter the Reservation no:")
           CID = InputBox("Enter the customer ID:")
           Cname = InputBox("Enter the Name of the Customer:")
           CarNo = InputBox("Enter the Car no:")
           rw.Item("ReservationNo") = ReservationNo
           rw.Item("CustomerID") = CID
           rw.Item("Name") = Cname
           rw.Item("ReservationDate") = ReservationDate
           rw.Item("CarNo") = CarNo
               'Update the reservation table in the db database.
               i = OleDbDataAdapter2.Update(DataSet11)
               MessageBox.Show("New record has been added into database")
           Catch ex As Exception
           End Try

      End Sub

  • 13 years ago


    I suggest you take a read of . This gives you an intro to ADO.NET and how to update records

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