how to get details from two different dates

  • 10 years ago

    i hv a table named jobrequest in sql databse...i'm using two different date to retrieve there any ways to get data by providing two diff date.....the dates will be stored in a same filed.....

    for example:

    column name:getdate, id

    getdate fields   1) 1/10/07                id fields:    1) A1

                           2)2/10/08                                  2) A2

                            3)8/11/2008                              3)A3

    so hw to get the details between two dates.....

    front end =

    back end = sql server 2000


  • 10 years ago

    I suppose it depends where you want to handle the date manipulation.
    1. Manipulate from sql, eg:
    DATEDIFF(day, '10/10/2000', '12/10/2000')

    Will return the amount of days between the two dates, you can choose any date/time modifier in the first parameter, day, hour, month, etc. You can also use other sql date manipulation functions, or create a function of your own to create specifics. You generally have to convert a date to string, but you don't have to convert a string to date; just as long as its syntactically correct.
    2. Manipulate from vbnet:
    This requires manipulating DATE objects, and if you want the same functionality, using a TIMESPAN object: eg,
    Private d1 As Date = #10/10/2000#
    Private d2 As Date = #12/10/2000#
    Dim ts As TimeSpan
    ts = d2.Subtract(d1)
    Dim str As String = ts.TotalDays.ToString()

    There are other useful timespan properties and methods. You should be aware however, unless you changed the datetime specific to your region on the database, the result will be month/day/year. This really screwed with my head until I realised it. This is'nt a problem with vb as it converts the date from the server. So it depends, server = less code but more overhead, vb = vice versa.

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