Coalition of the willing (C and PHP)?

c , cpp , embedded , business , php , opportunity , rs232 United Kingdom
  • 8 years ago
    Opportunity for C coder (possibly embedded)? Hi. I have been a coder for some 25 years, and am a recent victim of the credit crunch. Just before becoming poorer than a church mouse I became involved with a "machine" for the NHS (that now has NHS stamp of approval) and other hospitals are asking for similar machines. There is every possibility that physio units and gyms over W Europe (and simple household users) would also be interested. Is there anybody out there (C and RS232 based) who may like to chance his arm and give up a little coding time in exchange for a legitimate chunk of the prize monies? I also have 2 web based applications in large but niche markets (sport and insurance) needing PHP/MySQL skills that are ready to fly given the right encouragement. Look forward to hearing from you.

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