simple jquery <div> content rotator - fade in/out..

jquery , rotator , fade , content Southampton, United Kingdom
  • 8 years ago

    Hi people :)

    Im new to this forum (and pretty new to jquery too!)

    Ive been trying to look for a simple content rotator, with fade in/out transition, for a while and cannot find any ready made scripts or tutorials - i seem to find lots for image rotator with fade in/out transition, also 'fade in/out tabbed content rotator' but nothing this simple..

    I just need to rotate divs with purely plain text inside, or even just a one p tag if it can be done. The different

    s/ lines of text need to fade in and out when changing.

    Does anyone know anywhere i can find this? Or how to do it? It needs to be lightweight as i have a few other scripts running at the same time and dont want to overcrowd the html file..

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