Using the SAFileup component

Using FileUp

Features of Fileup

FileUp allows users with a Web browser to transmit files from their local hard disk to a server running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), or to a separate file server which is networked to the Web server. Files can be of any format, such as Word documents, images or plain text.

How it works

The below code is self explanatory. Using a little javascript asp and html you can have this working as per your need. If you look at the code, the FORM tag need the ENCTYPE="MULTIPART/FORM-DATA", which is a very important step. The media-type multipart/form-data follows the rules of all multipart  MIME data streams as It is intended for use in  returning the data that comes about from filling out a form. In a  form each field has a name. Within a given form, the names are unique. Multipart/form-data contains a series of parts. Each part is expected to contain a content-disposition header where the value is "form-data" and a name attribute specifies the field name within the form,

e.g., 'content-disposition: form-data; name="xxxxx"', where xxxxx is
the field name corresponding to that field.

<form ENCTYPE="MULTIPART/FORM-DATA" ACTION="index.asp?uploader=true" METHOD="POST" id="form1" name="form1" onsubmit="javascript:return checkForm();">


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