Introduction to Direct 3D


Direct3D is a group of Microsoft Api that allows the developer to control a 3D environment. The 3D environment processes vertexes through the Geometry pipeline. Step 1 transforms the vertexes into the World coordinates, step 2 applies camera matrices to the vertex, step 3 applies projection matrices that transform the vertex for a 3D coordinate to a 2D coordinate, and the 2D coordinate is normalized to window coordinates (this is mapping the viewport to the window).

In this tutorial we will use one of three objects: 1. A triangle with normals 2. A tiger loaded from a direct.x file 3. A cylinder calculated from an equation.

All the 3D code is encapsulated in the D3DEngine class. All music segment is defined in the DXMusic class. The DirectInput will be managed by CDX. For more information on CDX click here.

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