A Twisted Look at Object Oriented Programming in C#


I must admit that my first exposure to object oriented programming (OOP) was frustrating and difficult. As a hobbyist I have struggled through Z80 assembly and EPROM burners, BASIC, Turbo Pascal, Java, C++ COM and now C#. The move to event driven programming and then to object oriented programming presented major conceptual hurdles to my function driven sequential programming mindset. The “aha” moment when OOP made sense was most gratifying, but did not come quickly or easily. It has been a few years since I “got” the OOP mindset and I feel comfortable enough now to try to help fellow travelers with this journey. If OOP comes easily to you, feel free to skip this tutorial. If you are having problems getting your mind around objects and inheritance I hope this tutorial can help you. This tutorial does not represent a conventional teaching method. It assumes a passing knowledge of the C# language and familiarity with the Visual Studio .NET IDE. This is a work in progress and may require correction or revisions.

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