Flex 3 in Action

Flex 3 in Action
tariq ahmed, jon hirschi, faisal abid
28 Feb 2009
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New Web applications require engaging user-friendly interfaces-and the cooler, the better. With Flex 3, Web developers at any skill level can create high-quality, effective, and interactive Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) quickly and easily. Flex removes the complexity barrier from RIA development by offering sophisticated tools and a straightforward programming language so you can focus on what you want to do instead of how to do it.

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Customer Reviews

rasdfa said
I think this is a great book. I looked at it a few times in the bookstore before I decided to buy on Amazon.

The book comes with an insert just inside the front cover. It reads "Get two ebooks for FREE! To get a free PDF copy of this book plus the ebook edition of Flex 4 in Action when it is released, purchase the print copy of this book and register it at the Manning website following the instructions inside this insert. That's it! Thanks from Manning!"

Ebooks are handy. Who wouldn't want a free follow on book? So I went to Manning and had to enter codes from the table on the flip side of the advertisement. Having entered the codes I was surprised to find that I was not asked for my email address. Searching on Manning's website, I found this

"We're sorry but the free ebook is only available with a paper book purchase from the Manning website."

So buy this book happily from Amazon, but don't waste your time registering with Manning.

slickdev said
I perused this book and several others on topic at a bookstore. I decided on this because it's a Manning "In Action" book, I liked the author's introduction, and I was obliged to perform a too-cursory scan under the crappy fatiguing save-the-planet fluorescent store lights.

I'm glad I bought it used on Amazon, because it is quite light weight and probably not worth full price for the experienced Java / .NET developer. The style is concise, clear and generally avoids excessive cute quips. There is a minimum of code to take up space.

This would be a good light weight introduction, to accompany a Flex cookbook or bible.

[email protected] said
The crew behind this book are awesome developers. I was on the early review team, and it's been great to see the book evolve! If you're looking for a good Flex resource, check this book out!

"Flex in Action" is particularly suitable for Flex novice developers people, or even non-developers. Readers used to other languages (including (X)HTML and JavaScript) will, of course, make it out more easily, but basics are reminded by the author.

According to the title, one could expect the setting of Flex components in a real situation. But this book is organized into 24 independent chapters that cover the various features of Flex. The description of the components is in every case made clear by examples. This organization allows reading the chapters at will, and consulting when needed. In the other hand, the reader has to make a synthesis to get the various components work together.

A little criticism to end with : after reading this book, Tariq Ahmed gives us an impression of "Out of Adobe, no salvation". In the description of Flex development environments, tools like AXDT are ignored, leaving the developer choose between the command line and Flex Builder. Similarly, comparisons between Flex and HTML / JavaScript are often subjective, the new methods of development of these languages are not taken into account.

These points are secondary for a book on Flex. This is a book to clutch at when using a basic component of Flex. For advanced development, other resources are yet recommanded.

I just recently picked this book up. At first I was a little skeptical, not having read any previous work from this author or this publishing company, but I was impressed. I'm fairly new to flex and I found it very easy to get myself up to speed while going through this book. Whether you're looking for a book to peruse through or prefer to get in to the weeds of Flex you'll find this book meets both requirements well.

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