SharePoint 2007 and Office Development Expert Solutions (Programmer to Programmer)

SharePoint 2007 and Office Development Expert Solutions (Programmer to Programmer)
Randy Holloway, Andrej Kyselica, Steve Caravajal
20 Aug 2007
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Features end-to-end scenarios for using Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007, from generating Office documents programmatically to integrating document-based workflows with line of business applications or Web sites Takes an in-depth look at integrating the information worker products from Microsoft into broader solutions for the enterprise Some of the topics covered include building a workflow solution with Office and SharePoint 2007; programming SharePoint lists, items, and libraries; bui

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Customer Reviews

Michael Drips said
This book is truly a treasure chest of insightful solutions for anyone involved with SharePoint development. One test of a programming book is how often one refers to it. This is one of those books that a SharePoint developer will always keep within reach on any SharePoint project.

This is not a fan boy book that simply regurgitates product information. This book was written by three Microsoft SharePoint experts who have managed to convey a massive amount of useful SharePoint knowledge across the entire breadth of the product, including both WSS (Windows SharePoint Services) and MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) 2007.

The book chapters break down as follows:
Chapter 1: What's new for developers in MOSS 2007
Chapter 2: Understand SharePoint 2007 Services and Architecture
Chapter 3: Programming SharePoint Lists and Libraries
Chapter 4: XML Web Services and Extensibility in Office 2007
Chapter 5: User Interface Development
Chapter 6: SharePoint Application Services
Chapter 7: Building Business Intelligence Applications
Chapter 8: Creating custom Workflows
Chapter 9: Web Content Management
Chapter 10: Content Management and Workflow Scenario

Each of these chapters contains very detailed examples for both the developer and non-developer readers of how to implement workflows, develop web parts, manage Excel Services and handle Web Content Management, to name a few of the subject areas. There is so much information in this book that a developer will find themselves referring to it continuously to assist in creating SharePoint solutions.

This is truly an amazing book and a "must-have" for SharePoint developers.

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