ASP 3.0 Programmer's Reference

ASP 3.0 Programmer's Reference
Richard Anderson, Dan Denault, Brian Francis, Marco Gregorini, Alex Homer, Craig McQueen, Simon Robinson, Kevin Williams, John Schenken
15 Apr 1999
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The <I>ASP 3.0 Programmer's Reference</I> is a well-organized compilation of essential information about the latest version of Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP). It covers ASP development on the Windows 2000 platform and includes full coverage of the various new Microsoft technologies at the disposal of an ASP 3.0 developer.<p> In addition to the expected documentation of the ASP objects, the book provides overviews of a wide array of related objects and architectures that developers ne

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Customer Reviews

Anonymous said
Not only is it below average in cost, it is by far the best ASP book I have ever seen. Every topic has a VBScript and JScript example. It is much more than a reference manual. This is the way EVERY computer language book should be written.

David C. Askov said
I use this book all the time. In fact, so much that I hardly ever put it back on my bookshelf. It is a great reference for anyone who basically knows ASP but needs to occasionally look up how some part of how ASP works. I was self-taught ASP, and just learned how to do different things as I needed them. This book's biggest strength is that it shows you ASP in the big picture of the object model, which I never really grasped until I got this book.

This book is NOT a book on VBScript and is NOT an introduction to programming ASP. If you have even a little ASP experience, this book will serve as a valuable reference to looking up how to do specific tasks, but it won't help you until you at least know basically what you are looking for.

This book, and the MSDN VBScript library online, are virtually the only references to ASP that I use.

Lee said
Wrox is selling itself short on this one. Not only is it a great reference for ASP (lots of good examples and explanations), there are also several equally good chapters on ADO, CDO, XML, XLST, ADSI, MSMQ and Transactions. I've used it as a reference for these other topics as much or more than I've used it as an ASP reference.

If you are intermediate to advance ASP Programmer, don't buy others book. Enough to have this book. Excellent reference.

dannomite said
Let's face it, no ASP programmer can remember it all, so having a handy-dandy reference book that cuts to the chase is a must. This book does just that, and then some. I turn to it all the time(mostly because I can't stand the MS online doc). A great companion to this book is Proffesional Active Server Pages 3.0, goes into more depth and more examples. Also, Beginning ASP Databases and SQL in 10 minutes was very helpful. Using mostly these four books, I've been able to develop several full blown, database driven ASP web sites.

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