The Real MCTS SQL Server 2008 Exam 70-432 Prep Kit: Database Implementation and Maintenance

The Real MCTS SQL Server 2008 Exam 70-432 Prep Kit: Database Implementation and Maintenance
Mark Horninger
01 May 2009
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· This is The 'Real' Microsoft Exam Prep Kit, and provides the reader with independent and unbiased exam tips and warnings everything they need to know to ensure certification success. · Authored by Mark Horninger, a nationally recognized leader in SQL Server with over 50 Microsoft certifications to his credit; Mark knows what it takes to successfully navigate Microsoft exams.

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Customer Reviews

Russel L. Thomas said

Last year I took the Exam for SQL 2005 after using the MS Self Paced Training kit. After my test taking experience I was not at all pleased with the MS Press Self Paced Kit. I would say 80% of that book had nothing to do with the actual test.

Now that I'm on MSSQL 2008 and I am getting ready for the 2008 test I started shopping for test prep material again. With no faith whatsoever in the MS Press book I decided to give this one a try.

I can't say what the 2008 test will be like, I haven't taken it yet. But I do know that based on my experience with the 2005 test. This book is much more focused on the actual exam and preparing you for such. Don't get me wrong... this book wasn't written by a bunch of brain dump hacks attempting to regurgitate every thing they remember when they took the test (and half the time mislead the reader). This book is for learning concepts not simply memorizing questions and answers... but at the same time it doesn't get too deep when there is no need. The writing style boils it down nicely and has helped me be a better DBA whether I take the test or not.

I'll post a follow up after I take the exam but as of this point I am extremely pleased with my purchase and have found the book a great test prep.

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