C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design

C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design
D.S. Malik
11 Feb 2008
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Now in its fourth edition, C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design remains the definitive text for CS1 courses. Best-selling author D.S. Malik employs a student-focused approach, using complete programming examples to teach introductory programming concepts. This fourth edition has been enhanced to further demonstrate the use of OOD methodology, to introduce sorting algorithms (bubble sort and insertion sort), and to present additional material on abstract classes.

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Customer Reviews

R. Winkler said
This was the textbook for my CSE 100 course. We never used it. I may be biased because I knew C++ before I took the class but these are just my impressions.

The book is very comprehensive and covers a broad range of topics with lots of examples. However, as some other reviewers have mentioned, it is very dense and takes a long time to say very little. It makes simple concepts take up pages and pages. Also it's not till page 81-82 that it actually gives you a complete program. Up to that point it's just spending copious amounts of time on little things like comments, symbols, keywords, data types, declaring and initializing variables etc. things that should take very little space.

In my opinion it's much better/easier to learn when you're given a simple program to start with and it explains each part of that in more or less detail while leaving a more in depth discussion on things like headers and namespaces for later.

Can someone learn C++ using this book? yes.
Is it a good reference? yes

That being said there are much better books out there. I actually learned C and C++ using dummies books which in my experience are generally very good. I know there are lots of other good ones out there.

So in conclusion, this is a good book, but not the best in my opinion.

Russell E. Waller said
Although the author is obviously very knowledeable of the subject, the content seems out of order and examples incomplete. Malik builds from previous code, so often times you have to flip back to previous chapters to see complete code. Malik does not explain some concepts clearly, often referring to lines or blocks of code as "self explanatory". Lots of good information, but I learned more from my instructor's supplementary materials and from trial and error.

Diana Nguyen said
Good as it described on the ad...Excellent, I will recommend other buyer to buy from this seller.

F. Syed said
Our required textbook for the C++ programming class was Savitch's absolute c++. Absolute C++ was great for intro to C++; however, whenever I got stuck on advanced programming techniques, Malik's book was the only one I needed to complete my projects. Examples are excellent. I couldn't understand the reason and procedure for operator overload. After using the examples from this book I was able to finish my program in one sitting. I like this book even better than C++ primer.

Jesus C. Dufourt Jr. said
The book was the book that I read it give a comprehensive knowledge in C++, I like the examples well explain and
very detail.

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