Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense and AdWords (Animal Guide)

Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense and AdWords (Animal Guide)
Harold Davis
02 Dec 2009
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With this book, you'll learn how to take full advantage of Google AdWords and AdSense, the sophisticated online advertising tools used by thousands of large and small businesses. This new edition provides a substantially updated guide to advertising on the Web, including how it works in general, and how Google's advertising programs in particular help you make money.

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Customer Reviews

R. B. Cooper said
If you advertise on Google Adworks, keep every record you can and put an independant tracker on. Google is involved in a class action suit for the following. Running ads when your campaing in paused, runnning in different geograpichal location, running their budget not mine. Google probabaly thinks it doesn't matter if they lose the 400 million held in the class action suit. They will drag it out and keep doing. Check the old newspapers. I found reliable articles for I think 1994, stating some of the above offences.
Google owns the market, and is doing anything they want. When I read the class action suit, Google is doing even more than what they are being suited for. I have tracked a few. And I am setting up to file a small claims case against Google. It will cost me only $50, and I only have to show the weight of reason, rather than beyond a resonalble doubt.
Is it foolish, I don't think so.
Will it irrate Googles mamagement team and get man hours devoted? Yes, We can make it expensive for Google to rip up off with small claims. As I understand it, every single complaint by small business custormer were always ended in Googles favor. By Google own doing.
Stay away from Googles Adwork or at least stay on top of them.
If you comment to this review, I think they email me. So try, this is my first company feedback

T. Brandhorst said
Among this book, Joel Comm's Adsense Code book, and Perry Marshall's Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, for my money the clearly superior title is Marshall's. This book is fine. But it pales in comparison to Marshall's Ultimate Guide in terms of breath of topics and depth of explanation.

Huron said
I was already doing my own Google advertising when I got this book thinking that I will learn a quite a bit of new things from this book. Not so. If you took the time to read Google's own information and FAQ, you would have understood 90% or more of the stuff. I found the screen shots in the book particularly annoying, the prints are so small and are printed in very light colored ink that they are unreadable. You can't read this book without being in front of your computer to follow along each screen to make sense.

Jim Larrison said
Like most of the O'Reilly books, this is very well written and a really good resource for tips and hints. It is not as good for a beginner, but is good for people that need a good resource to go to the next level.

Tami Brady said
It is estimated that Google ads reach 80% of all Internet users. No other advertising system or promotional scheme (including spam campaigns) can boast such coverage. Cashing in on Google ads either as an advertiser through AdWords or by getting paid by the click for hosting Google ads through Adsense is a pretty quick and simple process.

Google Advertising Tools is meant for the beginner advertiser or new website owner who would like to make a little extra money through hosting Google ads. This book takes the reader through the whats, the whys, the hows, and the wheres of these options. Much of the more complicated parts of these processes are even detailed step by step complete with illustrations of what the reader will see at the website. I do suggest this book to those new to Google ads. However, I also think that those already participating in these programs with find a few helpful hints and tips, particularly in the optimizing sections.

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