The Ruby Programming Language

The Ruby Programming Language
David Flanagan, Yukihiro Matsumoto
25 Jan 2008
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The Ruby Programming Language is the authoritative guide to Ruby and provides comprehensive coverage of versions 1.8 and 1.9 of the language. It was written (and illustrated!) by an all-star team: *David Flanagan, bestselling author of programming language "bibles" (including JavaScript: The Definitive Guide and Java in a Nutshell) and committer to the Ruby Subversion repository.

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Customer Reviews

Jon Hancock said
Functions both as a textbook and a fairly "quick" reference. Kudos to the authors for their clarity and just the right amount of unambiguous detail.

Ghassan Ayesh said
This book is focused, straight to the point, dense, fun to read and enjoyable with it's strong logical flow of ideas, language construct details and intuitive presentation of the core Ruby language features and fundamentals that take the reader very confidently into a knowledge rich journey inside the programming language of Ruby and its core philosophy only to yield the willing reader an expert Ruby programmer.

Right from the first chapter:introduction. You are hooked! time passes by and you never notice, as the elite writers of this book (Why the lucky stiff, Flanagan, and Matz), concisely and deeply describe the language and then start enjoying us with more elaborate knowledge on Ruby structure, Data types and objects, expressions and operators, control structure, methods, classes, and reflection in the following chapters.

May I say that, with all the known elegance and appeal of the Ruby language, this stunning book comes with it's unique clear style of writing, richness and deep coverage while concise, that is in my opinion the best ever written programming language book so far.


Juan Vazquez said
This is a fantastic book for beginning rubyists that have a decent programming background with another language. I would still recommend reading the Pick Axe, but once your done with that, get ready to blow your mind with all the cool things this book shows you that they couldn't fit into the Pick Axe. Its clear explanations and code examples make it a breeze to go through. I wish more programming books where written like this. It is definitely worth the price of admission. You won't be sorry

Eswar Balasubrahmanyan said
feels like i am reading the C programming language book by K&R ... the style is very similar ... although i am in for a paradigm shift ... also, my way of learning is to try to grasp it all at once ... so, i am a bit slower than (a lot actually)i had expected to finish the book ... still only in the 4th chapter after 2 weeks

Nicholas Sardo said
I picked this book up at a local Borders. As with most OReily books, it is well done.

Each section of the book is well written, and most important to me, there are cogent examples through out, as well as in depth explanations of various facets of not only 1.8.x but 1.9 where they differ.

I initially learned Ruby from a "Beginning" book about 2 years ago. This book helped take my knowledge to the next level, so certainly for that reason alone, it is highly recommended. But additionally, it serves as a great reference.

For me, it's a must have addition to my Ruby Library. Recommended.

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