DNS and BIND (5th Edition)

DNS and BIND (5th Edition)
Cricket Liu, Paul Albitz
26 May 2006
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The Domain Naming System (DNS) is a glorious thing. It takes familiar Internet network and machine names (like "amazon.com") and converts them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (like "") that are meaningful to routers and therefore useful for identifying the machine you want to reach. What's amazing is that DNS enables someone in Germany to refer, by name, to a computer in Mongolia even if no one in Germany has ever accessed the distant machine before.

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Customer Reviews

Gregory J. Thielen said
Just received this item, planned on using for reference material. Haven't gotten to read it yet though...

C. Lee said
Most all if not all of the principles covered in this book are current although BIND 9.1 is NOT. BIND is at 9.5 now. There is a fifth edition out that is more current. Unless they discount this heavily, I'd pass.

Marcus said
This book is a good in-depth resource for anyone who wants a very comprehensive understanding of DNS hosting and troubleshooting. You can use it as a reference, reading sections as you need them, or read it cover to cover. I've opted for the former and am about half-way through. So, far I've read about things I've never been able to find good information for on the web. Keep up the good work!

Zarif Alimov said
This book is the best investment I have made in my knowledge of DNS. I think any network admin should have this book on their desk at all times. It should become a bed side reading for anybody who is serious about TCP/IP protocols. DNS may be a pretty tricky topic to understand for many people. It uses both TCP and UDP for its queries and gets pretty convoluted as you dive into it. This books demystifies it very well. There is a very clear distinction between zones and domains. I have not seen that many materials clearly explaining the difference between the two. The book gives you a taste of what threats you may face running a DNS server. It explains how to perform zone transfers and zone delegations and clearly defines which suite of protocols is used to accomplish it.
This book can be a reference as well as a textbook read. I recommend it to all people out on the internet.

S. Kosloske said
If you work with DNS/BIND for a living, you either already have this book, or know someone you can borrow it from. It's the one to own.

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