Office 2007: The Missing Manual

Office 2007: The Missing Manual
Chris Grover, Matthew MacDonald, E A Vander Veer
01 Apr 2007
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Quickly learn the most useful features of Microsoft Office 2007 with our easy to read four-in-one guide. This fast-paced book gives you the basics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access so you can start using the new versions of these major Office applications right away. Unlike every previous version, Office 2007 offers a completely redesigned user interface for each program.

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Customer Reviews

D. Fowler said
When a book is advertised as "The Missing Manual" one would think that it includes everything that is in Office 2007, but, in this case, not so. It contains no mention of Microsoft Outlook, which, to me, is a very important element in MS Office. Disappointing, to say the least.

Robert Dutru said
I've only looked through this book briefly but after checking 2 times I find there is nothing AT ALL about "Outlook" which is the main reason I bought this book. As "OUTLOOK" is part of Office and "Office 2007" and I am very disappointed with my purchase and regard the title -"Office 2007" misleading, it should be called "Parts of Office 2007"

Frank Beckendorf said
Like most of the reviews of this title and the Missing Manual series, you won't see any legitimate negative comments about the MM series. Pogue, as creator, and Grover, MacDonald and Vander Veer do a great job with this title. Why not get the most of the hundreds you spend for the program and consider this title? Read the other reviews and see what I mean...

kzipperer said
I bought "Office 2007, The Missing Manual" in July 2007. I used it a little but found the 2007 MS Office System Plain & Simple to be a better book for our clients. The "Missing Manual" stayed on my bookshelf. Today, thinking I could get a better understanding of my problems with Mailings using a database from Outlook, I discovered that this book has absolutely no information on Mail Merge at all. In fact, "Mailings", one of the 7 tabs on the ribbon is not even indexed. You can find what limited information there is on "Mailings" under Printing envelopes and Printing labels. Ironically, on page 182 (about printing envelopes), the book states, "Most of the tools on the Mailings tab are for mail merge and mass mailings." If most of the tools under the tab are about mail merge, wouldn't it make sense to include some information about those items?

Save your money. There are better books with more information. If you need this kind of overview of the different features in MS Office 2007 -- the "Plain and Simple" book is better. If you need more detailed information, this is not the book for you.

PT Reviewer said
I wanted to understand and explore new features in this version of Office (especially Word, esp. Track Changes) but this was far too basic: too much coverage of simple stuff, not enough on what is new in the 2007 version of Office. This book is not as useful to me as the "Missing Manual" on Vista that I bought at the same time.

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