Professional Silverlight 4 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer

Professional Silverlight 4 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer
Jason Beres, Bill Evjen, Devin Rader
09 Aug 2010
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Everything .NET developers need to take advantage of Silverlight 4Silverlight 4 is a major new release of Microsoft's flagship product for building rich, interactive applications that combine animation, graphics, audio, and video. This book, by seasoned Wrox authors and Silverlight experts, gives professional Web developers all the tools necessary to build RIAs using the new Silverlight capabilities.

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Customer Reviews

Kiwi Silverlight Dev said
As a professional Silverlight developer since version 2, I expected this book to explain some of the new stuff in version 4. I found it riddled with typos (did anybody proofread this?) and lacking any explanatory detail. The writing is particularly poor - seems like it was one pass through without any editing.

I agree with the other reviewer. The chapter on architecture is particularly useless.

All in all, I'd bypass this book.

SmallBizGuy said
Not a book for learning Silverlight; may be you can use it as a reference. XAML examples lack explanations. Several places in the book they just throw the code at you without rundown of what's going on. Several of the code examples don't show how the resulting application looks like - read the code and use your imagination.

Here's on example: Chapter 6 is on visual controls with all the code showing how to setup the bindings. However, there's no explanation since they don't introduce bindings till chapter 7. They should have introduce bindings first with a simple control, then rest of the visual controls, along with detailed examples and explanations of how to set up and play with bindings for each control.

Also, you can't explain MEF and PRISM in half a chapter.

How about a case study... building a real world application from start to finish?

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