Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010 (Books for Professionals by Professionals

Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010 (Books for Professionals by Professionals
Sahil Malik
08 Jun 2010
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This book provides a fresh take on Microsoft’s premier collaboration solution. A critical resource if you’re developing on the SharePoint platform, this book features a complete focus on the new features and capabilities of SharePoint 2010. Through a thorough treatment of sites, web parts, data management, portal solutions, and business intelligence capabilities, you’ll appreciate author Sahil Malik’s concise yet highly readable text.

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Customer Reviews

Ron Davis said
Sahil Malik has done an excellent job of covering SharePoint 2010 with his usual style of informative and entertaining writing. He introduces each chapter with his opinion giving guidance to existing SharePoint developers as to the content and if that content with the new release needs a cursory or detailed look. Just excellent!

spence said
Very good reference to have. Sahil is a great SharePoint book author. I bought this book along with this one Top 60 custom solutions built on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, definitely recommend both. Main difference is that those books focus on solutions with 2010 features - not just features alone.

Ashok Pai said
This is a surprisingly useful SP 2010 book. Easy reading, yet useable every day.

Let me count the ways this book has helped me ...

1. It starts with ensuring a good SP 2010 environment. To me, this alone is worth many times the book's price for the time it has saved and the quick results it has helped me achieve.

2. The emphasis on a good environment has resolved (and avoided) many issues with SP 2010.

3. As a developer, it gave me a clear understanding of SP 2010, with detailed step-by-step examples that really work! It brought me up to speed fast and I still reach for it every day.

4. For non-developers that need to understand the developers -- managers, admins, QA, users etc. -- it provides an easy-reading perspective of what's possible (just ignore the code).

5. Unlike many books flooding the market, this is a book that I find useful every day.

6. Sahil has a gift for teaching. He uses words sparingly, yet you really get it!

7. His insights into SharePoint, well-known to his blog readers, come through in this book.

Although I tend to be frugal with praise, this book has earned my 5 stars.

Scot Hillier said
SharePoint 2010 is a massive platform. It is simply impossible to imagine a single book that could cover the breadth and depth of development in 2010. Faced with this, Sahil has put together a great book that covers quite a lot of the breadth and provides the depth necessary for developers to get rolling. The target audience is an ASP.NET developer moving into SharePoint development. In my mind, this means that a lot of people need to read this book because every ASP.NET developer should be learning SharePoint development as well. While any given chapter in the book could easily be a book in its own right, Sahil has done a great job focusing on the most-important aspects that developers need to be successful. Well done!

Mr. T said
I'm a SharePoint beginner with mostly database background, so I was skeptical of this book at first and this product in general. But this book gave me a practical understanding of how to use SharePoint correctly. Also, it tells you clearly what this book doesn't cover, which is very important. A lot of books like to pack as many pages as they can, but it seems in this book the author has tried very hard to pack as much information in as few pages as he could. I love the start of the book where the author says "Your biggest investment in this book is not the money you spent on it, but the time you are about to spend reading it". Absolutely right! Why can't every book start like that?

This book doesn't just tell me what is SharePoint, but it tells me clearly where and how, and most importantly why SharePoint is the right fit in which situations. The BI chapter was especially interesting to me given my database background. I wish more books would focus on the quality of content (supported by good examples) rather than quantity. This book does just that!

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