Beginning Perl, 3rd Edition

Beginning Perl, 3rd Edition
James Lee
14 Apr 2010
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This is a book for those of us who believed that we didn’t need to learn Perl, and now we know it is more ubiquitous than ever. Perl is extremely flexible and powerful, and it isn’t afraid of Web 2.0 or the cloud. Originally touted as the duct tape of the Internet, Perl has since evolved into a multipurpose, multiplatform language present absolutely everywhere: heavy-duty web applications, the cloud, systems administration, natural language processing, and financial engineering.

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Customer Reviews

B. Ware said
I use this book all the time, as I did the previous edition. It's the book I turn to for all my Perl questions. Full disclosure: I know the author, but I'm no Perl expert. I qualify as a beginner (esp. since every time I use Perl, it's six months since the last time, and I have to start over).

I emailed him to ask about the Perl 5.10 on the cover and apparently that was something the publisher did without checking with him. He didn't know about it until the book was out and it was too late to do anything about it.

Louis Bova said
I like this book. I really do. But the cover says "Covers Perl 5.10", while there's nothing inside the book about 5.10. There's no "say", no "smart matching", no "switch". Nothing at all that I can identify as new for 5.10. I am very disappointed.

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