Software Testing using Visual Studio 2010

Software Testing using Visual Studio 2010
Subashni S. Satheesh Kumar N.
26 Dec 2010
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A step by step guide to understand the features and concepts of testing applications using Visual Studio. *Master all the new tools and techniques in Visual Studio 2010 and the Team Foundation Server for testing applications *Customize reports with Team foundation server. *Get to grips with the new Test Manager tool for maintaining Test cases *Take full advantage of new Visual Studio features for testing an application's User Interface

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基于spring给ibatis提供sharding支持,类似hibernate的hibernate-shards,支持数据库的水平划分(horizontal partition)


  1. 取得源代码,你可能需要svn客户端
  2. 编译代码,你需要使用maven2,下载并安装
  3. 当然,你还需要java,下载并安装
  4. 在源代码的目录里,执行 mvn 即可,系统会执行单元测试,并打包出ibatis-sharding-{version}.jar到target目录下,另外,第一次编译时,maven可能需要下载需要的软件包


for who impatient:

  1. install jdk and maven(at least 2.0.x )
  2. svn co ibatis-sharding
  3. cd ibatis-sharding ; mvn
  4. it will run a simple example in the dist

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