InfoPath with SharePoint 2010 How-To

InfoPath with SharePoint 2010 How-To
Steven Mann
16 Dec 2010
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This book is designed to cover all of the aspects of InfoPath 2010 within a SharePoint 2010 environment in regards to creating and developing business solutions. It is geared toward both technical and semi-technical professionals and does not require a degree in computer programming to utilize.The scenario-based presentation of the material provides not only a great tutorial but also an in-depth reference for accomplishing integral InfoPath 2010 tasks within the SharePoint platform.

Editorial Reviews

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The course is a VERY intensive, heads down class that provides the participants with the capabilities to create iPhone apps. The bootcamp provides a soup-to-nuts outline of how this can be accomplished. Jonathan's help and assistance provided the essential "oil" to make this class run smoothly for the 3 days. Highly recommended." - Bob Angell, iPhone Developer, attended January Three Day Intensive iPhone Boot Camp

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