Create an IIF statement in VBScript

Many ASP developers are also Visual Basic developers, and as such, we often have to shift gears between the two, remembering (or trying to remember, at least) which features exist in one and not the other. Differences in error trapping and class definitions are among the more well-recognized, but there are many more subtle discrepancies. For example, VB has a handy function, IIf, which allows you to collapse several lines of Boolean logic into a single expression, like this:

blnFoo1 = True
blnFoo2 = False
MsgBox IIf(blnFoo1 = blnFoo2, "The same!", "Different!")

As you can see, the first parameter represents the expression to evaluate. The second parameter is the result to return if the expression evaluates to True, while the third parameter is the result to return if the expression evaluates to False. VBScript, unfortunately, doesn't support this function, but you can easily write your own equivalent, like this:

Public Function IIf(blnExpression, vTrueResult, vFalseResult)
  If blnExpression Then
    IIf = vTrueResult
    IIf = vFalseResult
  End If
End Function

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