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There's alot of hype about buying appliances for ColdFusion, but you can do it all with an ISP that supports ColdFusion, Notepad and a good book on it. Like ASP ends with .asp, Coldfusion pages end with a .cfm. The form is called cform instead of form, and input texts are called cfinput texts. You can actually get away though with having the originating form being an htm document, and the resulting form being a cfm document.

Remember if you don't have ColdFusion, I will host the form for you, in a directory with a name of your choice, and you can just link up to your form. Before you test this form, just press the Submit button, and see how the validations work. ColdFusion actually writes the Javascript from basic html for these validations the minute it is in a ColdFusion server - pretty tricky, huh?  Also, no problem, I can have this form go into a database (actually a table), so your results are easily accessible.

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Julia Lynne Green I have been a ColdFusion and ASP programmer for UPS in Watertown Massachusetts for the past two years, and for my own business, Julia Computer Consulting. I believe ColdFusion is the way of the fut...


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